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​                                                                                              -Albert Einstein

Yuan Lab

06/18/2019: Our paper collaborated with Dr. Wuzi Dong was published in Frontier in physiology. Congrats to all.

01/18/2019: Our efferent duct cilia paper was published online in PNASThanks to Dr.Wei Yan, Dr. Rex Hess, and Dr. Jingwen Wu, etc. for their great contributions!

11/14/2018: Our paper collaborated with Dr. Xunbin Huang was published in Reproduction, Fertility and DevelopmentCongrats to all.

05/21/2018: Dr. Xiaoli Wang's (Lily) paper has been accepted for publication in ProteomicsCongrats to Lily!

02/19/2018: The Second paper in Yuan Lab entitled " Testicular piRNA profile comparison between successful and unsuccessful micro-TESE retrieval in NOA patients" published in J Assist Reprod Genet. Congrats to Congcong!

02/13/2018: The first paper in Yuan Lab entitled " Maternally expressed miR-379/miR-544 cluster is dispensable for testicular development and spermatogenesis in mice" published in MRD. Congrats to Congcong and Abby!

New lab members recruitment 

July of 2019

Our lab is always looking for new talent (including Postdocs, Prospective Graduate Students, Undergraduates and Lab Assistant Staff) to join our group, so if you would like to apply for a position in the lab, please send an email to or leave a message in our contact web link,  including the following: 1) a cover letter describing your research experience and career goals, 2) your curriculum vitae, and 3) copies of your most recent or relevant peer-reviewed publications (or manuscripts in preparation). If you are interested in these positions, please click "Here" to require further information.